Peter Klotz

Senior security and software architect with Bosch Connected Industry

I’m a security and software architect with Bosch Connected Industry. As a passionate software and security professional in the domain of industrial internet of things, I write here articles about technology and events. To whom it might concern.

My experience as a software architect comes from more than 25 years of experience in the area of software development. Before I started in the IIoT space, my background was IT management and monitoring for many years. I had the self-chosen role as chief architect and head of research and development at blue elephant systems GmbH and as a technical lead for service management at Hewlett-Packard even earlier. Then I switched gears into IoT and finally security in highly innovative modern cloud environments as well as the world of connected manufacturing and logistics.

For all of my career I put special emphasis on extensibility and flexibility while still getting a decent performance and maintainability. A hard tradeoff to make at times! I’m not a consultant but a product person and constantly trying to work on platforms and suites and not on single solutions or applications. Security is one area where one can work across the organisation on one of the the critical qualities of software. It is both a very deeply technical matter as well as an organisational task to bring security into the software and into the organisation.

Coming from a years-long background in development, I’m clearly a blue team defensive guy, but that doesn’t hinder me to try to understand the world of hacking and penetration testing as well. As a generalist and all-rounder, I love to see the big picture and dig deeper where its getting interesting.