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Based on my last article New Youtube-Channel Outside-Invest it is clear that such a channel also needs a web site. And as the video description is pretty terse, it makes sense to have a web site and blog where more details and links can be shared. 

Well so, welcome to the new Outside-invest website https://www.outside-invest.de with the same visual look and feel as the channel. The website includes an about page, more details on the motivation and channel intro and a list of social media channel besides Youtube: Pinterest and Twitter at the moment. Furthermore there is also space for having references to other blogs that I listen or watch. I think that is also important because I want to cite or refer to other channels for more detailed videos that I do not provide. We’re not in the self-marketing business overall.

A bit of disclosure for the material used there, the nice free background is from https://www.pexels.com/. On the story why the Youtube channel and this website has been  started, can be found, of course on the website, in https://www.outside-invest.de/about/.

New Youtube-Channel Outside-Invest

All the thing I ever did in life as a profession had been super interesting, be it IT management, IIoT, IT security or innovation management. But even when I worked in my own “startup” until 2015, I effectively was not working for myself but for a company, and be it mine. In the end in my own company, I’d been responsible for research and development and all kinds of technical functions but not for finance, that was the only area I kept my nose and fingers out. I though other would be better suited to do this area and I should stick to my business, which is technology. 

Rich dad poor dad
That was until last year, when I got the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Robert Kiyosaki as a gift. Surely one thinks that this is yet another book from an American author that repeats one simple message over and over again to fill 200 pages of paper. While to a certain extend this is true of course, this book literally changed my life!

For the first time I got aware of the rat race I’m in as an employee of a company, be it my own or a renown big one as today. In the end one works the full 40 hours and much more before I started looking at work-life balance and looks forward for the next vacation time or weekend, just as everyone else does, right?

Having a good job, a decent house this is the way so many employees spend their life without looking at their own business and without trying to get out of that rat race seriously. Well when reading this book I realised how much I fit in this picture and that it is time to change something fundamentally. That doesn’t necessarily means not working at a good company as I do today. But it means also looking into my financial situation and how I can improve in order to at least work less at some time, even when being financially free seems very far away at the moment.

So I started to look seriously into the topic of financial education for myself and as always I tend to do such learning with very much energy and dedication, just like the other topics like security before. So one year I was thoroughly learning about finance, investing and real estate using books, youtube videos and blogs. 

Finally I was knowledgable enough to notice missing topics on youtube in the income investor community and I was doing investments that are absolutely not common to that investors do after short time. So the next phase starts, that I can myself start to publish content about finance and investment that bring value to the community and not just consume information.

outside-investThat is why I now started in September 2020 my own Youtube channel, called “outside-invest” a new channel for income investors. A new adventure and opportunity to learn how to create videos that provide value beyond company-inside videos in IT security. The introduction video provides details about motivation and what can be expected from the channel. The plan is of course to provide regularly new videos, though not weekly, regarding investment topics and systematic summaries of financial concepts. I do not intend to duplicate other content of other channels, that provide deep analytics of single stocks or funds. I leave this to the experts in the finance industry. But what I think i can provide is summarising and systematically present certain concepts as I learn them. And second transfer knowledge from areas outside of finance into the area and thus contribute to a broader understanding, such as in the first video about risk management.

Note, that the videos are currently in German but the slides display are at least partially in English.

Please feel free to watch the videos and don’t forget that even a new channel can be subscribed, you know that means the world to me! 

See you there on Youtube, on the inside-invest channel for income investors!