Outside-Invest Website and Blog

Based on my last article New Youtube-Channel Outside-Invest it is clear that such a channel also needs a web site. And as the video description is pretty terse, it makes sense to have a web site and blog where more details and links can be shared. 

Well so, welcome to the new Outside-invest website https://www.outside-invest.de with the same visual look and feel as the channel. The website includes an about page, more details on the motivation and channel intro and a list of social media channel besides Youtube: Pinterest and Twitter at the moment. Furthermore there is also space for having references to other blogs that I listen or watch. I think that is also important because I want to cite or refer to other channels for more detailed videos that I do not provide. We’re not in the self-marketing business overall.

A bit of disclosure for the material used there, the nice free background is from https://www.pexels.com/. On the story why the Youtube channel and this website has been  started, can be found, of course on the website, in https://www.outside-invest.de/about/.

Joel on Software

By case I just stepped over a interesting other blog called “Joel on Software” from Joel Spolsky. Bad that I only noticed that just now, not earlier as he seems to be a celebrity. I saw that they now print stuff from his blogs in a printed book, seems odd though. But the articles on his blog are quite interesting, check it out! 

The stuff with .Net is evil of course, use Java instead! 🙂